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Cowboy Action Event at South River Gun Club

View Our Online Calendar

Keep up with all the club activities at South River Gun Club through our convenient Google Calendar.  Using the display below, view a schedule of our upcoming events and add activities to your calendar with a single click.  We are constantly updating our schedule, so check back often to learn of newly announced activities.

For questions regarding our online calendar, please email us at or call (770) 786-3752.

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Using Google Calendar

All activities scheduled at South River Gun Club are listed within our Google Calendar. To view information for a specific event, click the desired activity to see the date, event time, range location and contact information for the organizer. Use the blue left and right arrows at the top left to move between months and the dropdown option to navigate directly to a specific month.

When an event’s description window is open, use the ‘Copy To My Calendar’ link to add the details of the selected event to your personal calendar. The browser might require you to enter the password for your Google account to verify your ownership. Once validated, the event will post to your calendar.