Bullseye Pistol Program

Welcome to the South River Gun Club’s Bullseye Program! We generally shoot on the second Sundays starting in March and running through November. We schedule Saturday matches in May and to accommodate for Easter as needed. You can find specific match dates on our Event Calendar linked below.

New to the sport or just curious? Bullseye Pistol is arguably the ultimate in outdoor precision pistol shooting. All Shooters are welcome!

For further information, contact the Match Director, John Bowers via phone at (770) 787-7949 (before 2100 hours please) or email john_bow@bellsouth.net

Match Procedures and Rates

Each match begins with a welcome, announcements and safety briefing for all participants. On occasion, Sacagawea coins are awarded for hitting a called score or scoring a ‘100’ with 10x on any given target. While three guns are common, many participants use their .45’s for the Centerfire Match. If participants are unconcerned for posting official scores, a .22 may be used for all three stages. Each stage takes about an hour to complete depending on scoring and alibi strings. All participants break for lunch after the Centerfire Match.

Matches are comprised of three 90 round sub matches in .22 caliber, Centerfire, and .45 caliber. Revolvers or Pistols may be used with slight differences in allowable trigger weights. Please refer to the NRA handbook on Precision Pistol for an in-depth description of equipment requirements. The firing position is standing, one hand, unsupported.

Match fees are $20 for registered matches. Registration opens at 9:00AM. Matches begin at 10:00AM. In November, we finish the season with a turkey shoot!

Match Schedule

At South River Gun Club, each 90 shot caliber match is divided into sections as shown below. Scoring takes place after each 10 shot sequence.

National Match Course: One string of ten slow fire shots at 50 yards / Two five shot strings of timed fire 20 seconds per string at 25 yards / Two five shot strings of rapid fire 10 seconds per string at 25 yards

Timed Fire Match: Four five shot strings with 20 seconds per string at 25 yards

Rapid Fire Match: Four five shot strings with 10 seconds per string at 25 yards

Download Membership Applications

Interested in becoming a member of South River Gun Club? Print the ‘New Member Application’ linked below and submit the completed form to our office during business hours. Individuals seeking to renew their annual membership will use the ‘Renewal Form’ to continue the benefits of their membership. A copy of our ‘Liability Waiver’ must be signed every year and on-file for every registered member before entering the facility.

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Please call (770) 786-3752 to get in touch with our staff. You can also communicate with us directly by completing this online form. Our management will review your information and be in touch with you with further details.

We appreciate your interest in South River Gun Club!