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Our Founder, Leonard L. Evans, Jr.

Our Founder, Leonard L. Evans, Jr., was a champion trapshooter and many time All American trap team member who won many State, Zone, and Grand American trophies and the owner of South River Gun Club and Evans Companies, a metal stamping and production company. He was inducted into the Georgia State Trapshooting Hall of Fame in 1995. His tenacity in the shooting sports was evident from the start, as he was a tough, fair, and honest competitor.

But aside from his legacy as a champion trapshooter, he was also involved in the resurrection of Gate City Gun Club in 1986. At that time, Gate City was floundering and Mr. Evans decided to purchase the club with the intention of preserving and improving the gun club. After several years of huge losses, the gun club finally turned around in 1999 and at present has over 900 members. Mr. Evans could have given up at any time during these bad years, but that was not his way. He was not a quitter. If not for him, South River Gun Club would not be in existence today and providing a quality place to shoot for so many.

The hallmarks of Mr. Evans were honesty, fairness, and his word was his bond. These traits live on in both South River Gun Club and Evans Companies now, as both continue his great legacy. He was also a devout Christian who backed up his beliefs with deeds through his life, words and benevolence.